Coca-Cola Removes a Number of Drinks to Reshape Portfolio

Popular beverage company Coca-Cola plans to remove all low performing beverages from stores, in effort to optimize business for growth.

According to an announcement released via the company's News section, the Coca-Cola company will retire select underperforming products by Dec. 31 – including TaB diet soda and ZICO coconut water in the United States – as part of a global portfolio refresh prioritizing category-leading brands with the greatest potential for growth and scale.

The company also stated that other outgoing products throughout the U.S. include those under Odwalla, Coca-Cola Life and Diet Coke Feisty Cherry, as well as regional offerings like Northern Neck Ginger Ale and Delaware Punch.

Also naming Japan and Brazil beverages among the products leaving The Coca-Cola Company’s international portfolio, Coca-cola has directed a new outlook for the upcoming future of the brand and its products.

Read the full announcement via the company's website, and check out "Top Ramen Hiring First-Ever "Chief Noodle Officer" With a 50-Year Noodle Supply Salary" for more in food & beverages.

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