Cover Art for King Von's Posthumous Album 'What It Means To Be King' Revealed

The album art for King Von‘s upcoming posthumous album What It Means To Be King has been revealed.

The late artist’s team took to Instagram to share the cover art — a closeup shot of the rapper with his jewelry and his intense eyes. What It Means To Be King will feature the lead single “Don’t Play That” featuring 21 Savage, which was released in February.

King Von’s manager, Track, previously told VladTV that the single came from hundreds of unreleased songs. “Just going through my notes, I found a hundred songs, not released,” he said. “One day, I went, I said, ‘Let me really see how much songs this man really had.’ Man got over 200 or 300 songs.”

HipHopDX also adds that 21 Savage’s feature in “Don’t Play That” came naturally as he was close to King Von’s family. The i am > i was rapper gifted the late rapper’s younger sister a Range Rover after his timely death, and he spoke up about the criticism he received on the internet. “I never speak on stuff like this because I don’t do it for the Internet but y’all being disrespectful,” he tweeted. “I knew Kayla before I knew Von because she talks to my little brother. Von was already planning on purchasing the gift for her birthday and due to his untimely passing he wasn’t able to finish so all I did was finish what he started because I told Kayla when he passed I had her 4L and I meant it.”

Take a look at the cover art above. What It Means To Be King drops March 4.

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