Ebhoni Delivers New Melodic Single “Rep It”

Unfiltered and unapologetic, 21-year-old Toronto-born singer and songwriter Ebhoni shares her latest single “Rep It” out today. Rep Itsees the songstress take a shift towards darker, auto-tuned production while still capturing the assuredly frank pop sensibility that sees her more comfortable in her own skin than ever before.

Framing the dissolution of a relationship that never was, her viscerally honest lyrics (“could have been you / would have been you / nice to know you”) are a candid complement to the track that generates an emotional resonance beyond it’s barely two-minute run time. A product of both faded nighttime and the melancholic reflection of the morning after, Ebhoni’s matter-of-fact verses remain in the same harshly ephemeral gleam that highlights her own personal heartbreak into an evocative anecdote that feels both universally relatable and unexpectedly transcendent.

“These last few months have been what felt the darkest time in my life, one being faced with a really bad relationship/situation.” Ebhoni continues “and while I was in the midst of it all nothing made sense. “Rep It” is truly me reflecting on that relationship and making this song provided me with so much clarity. It is a reflection of that trash relationship and how I’d never allow myself to get to a place like that again.”

Listen to Ebhoni's "Rep It" single on Spotify and Apple Music Music below.

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