FRENCHPlay: Jean Paul Gaultier Unveils He's Making a Come Back:

Active as ever, one and a half years after fashion shows ending, Jean Paul Gaultier tells us about his projects.


Interview with Jean Paul Gaultier:

Full, full. So there's already Dancing with the Stars, I'm going to be a Dancing with the Stars judge. I'm not going to dance, but I will judge. But I like that.

Plus, I love it, my father danced very well, he taught me to dance a little, but anyway, I don't remember anything and I don't dance anymore, and I couldn't dance. But on the other hand, it's a bit like how we see the models. I worked with choreographers, with Madonna, but I've also worked with Blanca Li, Chopinot, Preljocaj, so really, proper choreographers.

And I didn't like choreography at all, at the beginning, when it was all very classic and old, opera-like, but then I gradually learned, and now and even with the models, for me, gestures are very important. I was paying attention.

I would walk with the models to see if they were walking too much like models.

I liked it if they had a real personality, or I wouldn't take them. If they were too much of a professional model which works well everywhere else, I wouldn't taking them.

So the gestures, for me, are very inspiring. Movements, hands in pockets, how they hold the garment, gives me some indication. So I pay very close attention to gestures.

So to see dancing is wonderful. It's emotions, and it's a show.

I love to watch, I'm going to be a spectator, I should give marks, for a show I really like.

Yes, soon there will be a "Ciné Mode" at the Cinémathèque de Paris, where it's cinema and fashion, fashion in cinema. And I thought I'd do a little something in relation to the evolution of women's fashion, how the woman has evolved in cinema and the man has evolved in cinema.

And the male/female relationship is close to my heart and I want to show that.

So that's really interesting. We started with Tonie Marshall.

We started together, the poor thing is no longer there. So I'm going on, and the exhibition should take place on 4th October, if all goes well.

So the Fashion Week show is back on and I'm going to do another show afterwards, in 2024, more or less, but much more musical.

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