Jaden Smith Drops Nikola Tesla-Inspired MSFTSrep Collection

Jaden Smith salutes Nikola Tesla in the newly released MSFTSrep collection.

On Tuesday, the multihyphenate dropped the fall/winter 2020 range inspired by the inventor/engineer's life and work. There's 22 unisex pieces include references to some of Tesla's most notable projects—such as the earthquake generator and death ray—and embodies one of his most famous quotes: "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

The collection features everything from work trousers and denim pants to a painter's jacket and a denim trucker jacket. There's, of course, a solid grip of graphic tees and pullover hoodies, all of which were made from recycled and sustainably sourced cotton.

Smith spoke about the collection in a recent interview with Paper magazine, explaining he wanted to use the brand to shed more light on Tesla's contributions to science and mechanics.

"We're just putting this information we feel like people really should know on clothes, so that we can be a walking billboard for just information that is important for all of us to know, to live better lives," he said. "Nikola Tesla didn't get the credit that he deserved. He inspires me a lot, so I have to, you know, try to give credit where it's due. And I just feel like Nikola Tesla is such a genius and is responsible for so many inventions in our modern world, that we wanted to really show love. I'm excited for the world to see it."

You can check out the MSFTSrep fall/winter 2020 collection below. The pieces, which range between $65-$115, are available now at the brand's officialwebsite.

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