Justin Bieber Takes the 'SNL' Stage to Perform "Holy" With Chance the Rapper and "Lonely"

Justin Bieber didn't disappoint.

The Grammy-winning singer returned to Studio 8H this week to serve as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. The episode marked Bieber's fourth appearance on the sketch comedy show, and his second of 2020.

He last took the SNL stage back in early February, when he performed "Yummy" and "Intentions."

Shortly before Saturday's episode aired, Bieber confirmed he would be joined by Chance the Rapper, who was featured on "Holy," as well as Benny Blanco, who assisted Bieber's latest track "Lonely."

You can check out the pop star's SNL performances in the videos above.

Bieber is reportedly preparing to release the follow-up to his fifth studio album, Changes, which dropped earlier this year. He and Chano discussed the project during a remote live stream last month, with the latter describing the album as "fire."

"I would say, I'm gonna, this is no cap at all and I said this to you in Chicago, it's some of the best music I've ever heard, period," Chance said. "It reminds me of when Michael Jackson made Off the Wall. Everybody that's listening…I promise you it is literally groundbreaking music. Stuff that's, like, it's just hard to explain and I don't want to give away, like, the genres and all that stuff. But you went crazy and I already told you that. But, like, I'm just excited that everybody's gonna get to hear that."

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