MERCER AMSTERDAM Gears Up For New Iconic Streetwear Sneaker Collection

The Amsterdam based label MERCER AMSTERDAM gears up for the release of their latest iconic collection.

Focusing on luxury handcrafted footwear and accessories for men and women, the newly merged Pim Mercer owned company has definitely put a new twist to footwear over the past few seasons. With more than a few prominent sneaker drops, the luxurious footwear brand has announced an all new collection is expecting to drop soon.

The newly announced collection is expected to highlight MERCER's iconic 'Racer' sneaker, showcasing the unique new materials used to hand craft the luxury sneaker and the entire new assembly. Although specific details about the collection haven't been confirmed, the collection is expected to host a variety of drops including iconic tees, denim jeans and jackets.

Stay tuned for a detailed breakdown of the new drop as we anticipate the new collection within the upcoming weeks and head on over to the label's website to shop the latest arrivals from MERCER AMSTERDAM.

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