President Joe Biden Fills White House with Ivy League Graduates

Joe Biden, a proud graduate of the University of Delaware and Syracuse Law School, has stocked his top White House staff with nearly twice as many Ivy League graduates as the first iteration of the Trump White House, according to an POLITICO report.

Forty-one percent of senior- or mid-level Biden White House staffers — or 82 people out of 201 aides analyzed — have Ivy League degrees.

By contrast, only 21 percent of the comparable White House staff had such credentials under President Donald Trump, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School who boasted about his academic pedigree and often looked for Ivy Leaguers when hiring Cabinet officials and top aides.

The most popular Ivy League institution among both the Biden and Trump White Houses is Harvard University. Thirty-five Biden aides, or 17 percent of the total staff, have degrees from Harvard — including chief of staff Ron Klain and counsel Dana Remus. Nineteen Trump White House staff members, or 11 percent, among them Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon, earned Harvard degrees.

Next up among Biden aides is Yale, which counts 29 graduates in the White House, including national security adviser Jake Sullivan, National Economic Council director Brian Deese and National Security Council chief of staff Yohannes Abraham. Only 10 aides in the first year of Trump’s White House boasted degrees from Yale.

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